CCI offers the Clinical Nurse Specialist Perioperative Certification credential (CNS-CP) for advanced practice registered nurses who have completed graduate preparation (Master’s or Doctorate) in the CNS role. We offer this credential to recognize the important role CNSs have in promoting optimal perioperative patient outcomes, including:

  • Promotion of patient safety
  • Expert guidance and support of nurses and other members of the perioperative team
  • Facilitating the use of evidence-based practice
  • Reducing costs through the design, implementation, assessment, and evaluation of perioperative interventions
  • Recommending innovative solutions to identified gaps in health care delivery systems

Specialty certification helps bridge the gap between initial certification as an APRN and specialty practice. The CNS-CP credential:

  • Validates perioperative competency at an advanced practice level
  • Positions the CNS for future developments in advanced practice
  • Meets Consensus Model guidelines

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