CCI offers the Clinical Nurse Specialist Perioperative Certification Exam (CNS-CP) for masters-prepared Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNSs). We offer this credential to recognize the important role CNSs have in delivering safe patient care.

Specialty certification helps bridge the gap between initial certification as an APRN and specialty practice. The CNS-CP credential:

  • Validates perioperative competency at an advanced practice level.
  • Positions the CNS for future developments in advanced practice.
  • Meets Consensus Model guidelines.

Individuals interested in taking the exam are encouraged to review:

CNS-CP certification validates the achievement of the masters-prepared CNS who has chosen to seek current proficiency as an advanced practice nurse practicing in the perioperative (pre-, intra-, and post-operative) setting. The purpose of the CNS-CP exam is to provide recognition for those CNSs serving in an advanced practice perioperative specialty. The exam does not confer initial licensure as an APRN. This specialty certification is in addition to, not in place of, primary population-focused certification.

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