TrueNorth Award 2015

2015 TrueNorth Award Winner: 
St. Clare Hospital

2015 Honorable Mention Distinctions: 
Naval Hospital Bremerton

Competency & Credentialing Institute (CCI), one of the world’s largest specialty nursing certification boards, today announced St. Clare Hospital as the winner of the 2015 TrueNorth Award.

“We are proud to honor the perioperative nursing team at St. Clare Hospital,” said Shannon Carter, chief executive officer of CCI. “This hospital embodies the spirit of the TrueNorth Award, using certification as a benchmark of excellence that impacts patient care.”

The award recognizes St. Clare Hospital as a facility that uses CNOR certification as a “true north” to guide its perioperative nursing staff. CNOR certification supports lifelong learning, which is critical to a nurse staying current in their practice. If fact, a recent study showed a relationship between CNOR certification and improved outcomes in surgical patients.

St. Clare Hospital is located in Lakewood, WA, and boasts an 100% CNOR certification rate among perioperative nurse leadership at the facility, as well as a having 93% of its eligible OR nursing staff CNOR certified.

Along with its impressive CNOR certification rate, St. Clare Hospital received the prestigious TrueNorth Award because of the facility’s systematic focus on implementing programs to reward and recognize perioperative nurses who become certified. These initiatives include displaying names of certified nurses on a commemorative plaque, indicating credential on each nurses’ identification badge, and setting yearly certification goals for non-certified nurses.

The facility also rewards nurses who attain their CNOR certification by absorbing the cost of the CNOR exam fees and providing test preparation study materials. St. Clare Hospital also provides incentive pay once a nurse becomes CNOR certified.

To read more about this TrueNorth Award recipient, please visit the CCI Blog. 

CCI developed the TrueNorth Award program because the organization firmly believes specialty nursing certification ultimately leads to quality patient care, as registered nurses are required to validate their specialized knowledge through the rigorous CNOR certification exam process. Certification in many ways acts as a compass directing a nurse's clinical practice towards the industry-accepted standards.


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