Volunteer Opportunities for Test Development

Application for 2018 Test Development Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are a crucial part of the certification development process. We could not offer the most exceptional credentialing services without the contributions of volunteers’ time, talent and expertise. Should you be chosen to be a volunteer and complete your service, you will receive points toward your next re-certification. CCI is calling for volunteers for 2018 Certified Surgical Services Manager (CSSM) and Certified Perioperative Nurse (CNOR) Test Development committees.

Test Development Committee Descriptions

Item Pool Review Committee

The purpose of the Item Pool Review committee is to periodically review all usable test questions (items) in the entire credentialing exam pool of items. This process is taken on to ensure that the content is current and accurate. In addition, committee members will research and provide updated references for items that need them. CCI will provide appropriate textbooks for use at this meeting. This process is another step to providing defensible test questions (items) for inclusion on the examination. This committee meets in person in Denver, CO. CCI provides airfare, meals and hotel accommodations.

Item Writing Committee

The Item Writer Committee develops test questions (items) according to test plan specifications and meticulously validates them in standard texts appropriate for each credentialing program. Writers must also draw upon their experience and expertise to develop realistic settings and present accurate and valid information in all details of their test questions (items). Individuals selected for writing items will receive training and materials on how to write a valid and defensible test question. This committee meets remotely via webinar.

Item Review Committee

Committee members meet to review newly written test questions (items) for specific credentialing program exam. During the item review process members of the committee will assess the content of the questions, validate correctness of answers, and ensure language clarity and appropriateness of items. This committee meets in person in Denver, CO. CCI provides airfare, meals and hotel accommodations.

Form Review Committee

Committee members meet to review test questions (items) selected for specific credentialing program exam forms and to verify they adequately measure the competent performance of certified professional. Such matters as correctness of answers, prevention of geographic bias, language clarity and appropriateness of items are considered during this item review process. The committee review constitutes a final check and balance system on the reliability of the exam. This committee is meets in person in Denver, CO. CCI provides airfare, meals and hotel accommodations.​

Cut Score Committee/Standard Setting Committee

The Cut Score Committee purpose is to conduct a standard-setting study to establish a passing score for the specific credentialing exams. Members will review each test question and provide expertise about what proportion of minimally-acceptable candidates would be able to answer each item correctly. Through a statistical process, the results will establish a raw cut score for the exam. This committee meets in person in Denver, CO. CCI provides airfare, meals and hotel accommodations.

Problem Item Notification (PIN) Committee

The purpose of this committee is to review test questions (items) that were scored outside the norm and flagged for review by CCI’s test development partner. This committee will meet remotely via web conference.

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