Are You Ready to Recertify

If the following statements apply to you, then you are ready to recertify:

  • I am currently certified as a CRNFA.
  • I am currently certified as a CNOR or a Nurse Practitioner certified in my specialty.
  • I am currently licensed, without provision or condition, as a registered nurse in the country where currently practicing.
  • I have practiced, either full- or part-time, as an RNFA at some time within the two years immediately prior to my application.
  • My required practice hours have been accumulated between January 1st of the year I was certified (or recertified) and December 31st of the year prior to the year I am due to recertify.
  • I have reviewed the recertification policies in the CRNFA Candidate Handbook.
  • I have selected a recertification method.