Check your Eligibility

Recertification Eligibility Requirements

CRNFA recertification candidates must meet the following requirements:

  1. Hold a current unrestricted RN license.
  2. Currently certified as a CNOR or APRN by a nationally recognized certification program.
  3. Currently certified as a CRNFA
  4. Have practiced as an RNFA within the two years immediately prior to application (practice hour requirement varies depending upon recertification method) 
  5. Currently employed as an RNFA

Every requirement must be met at the time of application.

Practice hours earned in a volunteer status while working in the RNFA role may be used to fill the practice hour requirement beginning January 1, 2015.  

An applicant's nationality, ethnicity, race, color, sexual-orientation, lifestyle, creed, or age is not a factor in determining eligibility for certification or recertification.