How to Earn Points

You can acquire points for RNFA recertification through any of the methods listed under eligible activities

Points and Clinical Practice Hours

  • If you have 1,000 clinical practice hours (at least 700 hours must be intraoperative care) you need to have 400 points.
  • If you have 500 clinical practice hours (at least 350 hours must be intraoperative care) you need to have 500 points.

You must accumulate all clinical practice hours and points between January 1 of the year you certified or recertified and December 31 of the year before you are due to recertify.

Download the CRNFA documentation form as an Excel spreadsheet (to use on your computer) or PDF (to use a print document).

CE for Points

Acceptable documentation for contact hours is a copy of a certificate of attendance from an acceptable provider. 

Each contact hour is worth 2 points (fractions may be included). A maximum of 100 points (50 contact hours) is allowed.
For example: 1 contact hour equals 2 points; 2 contact hours equal 4 points.

CME Credit

You may submit Physician Category 1 CME (continuing medical education) units to partially fulfill CRNFA contact-hour requirements.

1 CME is worth 1 contact hour. Fifty percent , half of the required points may be earned through CMEs.

You're responsible for converting CME credits into contact hours using the following ANCC formula:

1 CME credit = 1 contact hour