Recertify by Exam

Certificants may choose to retake the CRNFA exam to recertify their credentials. CRNFAs who are recertifying by exam are required to have 1,000 clinical practice hours with at least 500 hours related to care given during the intraoperative period. 

Application Process

If you are recertifying by Exam, you must successfully pass the CRNFA exam by December 31 of the year you are due to recertify. Thus, you must apply to take the CRNFA exam no later than September 30 of the year you are due to recertify. Download the application.

Testing Locations

CCI has contracted with Prometric™, a professional testing agency, to administer the CRNFA examination at over 300 Prometric™ test centers worldwide. Candidates may take the examination Monday through Saturday, except holidays, year round.

The computerized format of the examination requires no previous computer experience. An optional pre-examination tutorial will provide instructions on how to take the examination on the computer. It will also provide examples on how to select answers and how to mark any questions you may want to return to and review before finishing the exam.

Policies and Procedures

Review the regular policies and procedures of taking the CRNFA exam as they all apply to recertification candidates.