Recertify by Contact Hours

To Recertify by Contact Hours:

  1. Determine the required number of Contact Hours
  2. Review Contact Hours Earning Period
  3. Complete Contact Hour Acceptable Activities
  4. Complete and submit 2018 CRNFA Contact Hours Recertification Application
  5. Submit the recertification fee
  6. Submit the application to CCI
    1. Scan and email to
    2. Mail to: COMPETENCY & CREDENTIALING INSTITUTE (CCI) 2170 South Parker Road, Suite 120 Denver, CO 80231.
    3. Fax to (303) 695-8464. Please call (888) 257-2667 to confirm its receipt.


CRNFA Recertification by Contact Hours cannot be completed online. Download the 2018 CRNFA Contact Hours Recertification Application. This application is only for recertification by Contact Hours, not Points.

Required Contact Hours

CRNFA recertification by contact hours requires one of the following:

If you have You need The CHs must be
1,000 clinical practice hours or more 200 Contact Hours 100 RNFA Related / 50 Periop Related
Between 500 and 1,000 clinical practice hours 300 Contact Hours 150 RNFA Related / 75 Periop Related

Contact hours must be earned through offerings sponsored by acceptable accredited providers. In addition, each certificate you are awarded for your continuing education activities must have an accreditation statement and/or provider number. Acceptable proof of practice hours is a log of practice hours or a letter from the surgeon(s) on letterhead verifying that the certificant has met the practice hour requirement.

Change in Contact Hour Earning Period

The window during which contact hours can be earned and applied toward recertification has changed. Please refer to the table below to determine the period during which your eligible contact hours must be earned:

Credential Valid Hours Must Be Earned Between Application Due Date
2010 - 2015 Jan. 1, 2010 - Dec. 31, 2014 December 31, 2015
2011 - 2016 Jan. 1, 2011 - Dec. 31, 2015 December 31, 2016
2012 - 2017 Jan. 1, 2012 - Dec. 31, 2016 December 31, 2017
2013 - 2018 Jan. 1, 2013 - Dec. 31, 2017 December 31, 2018

The following policies have not changed:

  • Your credential is still good for the five years period.  Please refer to your certificate for the certification period.
  • You still have five years to earn contact hours.
  • Your application will still be due on July 1 in order to recertify your credential without penalty.

CCI Contact Hour Database

If you use CCI’s Contact Hour database to track your hours, please login into your account to store your contact hours.

You will need the following information:

  • Activity date
  • Activity name
  • Name of company that provided the activity and accredited provider
  • Number of hours earned

Audit Process

A percentage of recertification applications will be randomly selected for audit. However, if there is reason to believe there has been a breach in the integrity of the process by an individual seeking recertification through the continuing education or points method, staff will also select those individuals for audit.

Those applicants chosen for the audit process will be required to submit copies of the certificates of attendance listed on the contact hour record form sent with their application by the deadline date specified on the audit form. Those selected for audit will also need to send proof of their practice hours in accordance with the policy in effect at the time of recertification.