Develop a Study Plan 

Once you have met the eligibility requirements your next step is to develop a study plan. 

The CRNFA exam has 150 questions covering five subject areas:

CRNFA Exam Subject Areas (Domains) Percentage of Items Number of Questions
Basic Sciences 13% 19
Assessment Techniques 17% 26
Intraoperative Techniques 50% 75
General Knowledge/Skills 10% 15
Professional Practice 10% 15
Total 100% 150

You can learn more about the topics covered in each of these subject areas on the CRNFA Exam Content Outline, which can also be found in the CRNFA Candidate Handbook. 

Develop a Study Plan

CCI provides a free, downloadable sample CRNFA Study Plan that you may use, or you may create your own. The CRNFA Study Plan includes a bibliography of recommended references and resources. The key is to have a study plan and follow through with it.

The CRNFA exam is constructed to reflect the professional actions taken by RNFAs in providing care for patients during the preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative period. Questions will test a candidate’s ability to apply knowledge and skills to practice.