CNS-CP Deadlines and Fees


The non-refundable fee to take the CNS-CP exam is $425.


CCI offers monthly testing and application deadlines to meet the needs of busy perioperative clinical nurse specialists. You select the month in which you want to take the CNS-CP exam. Once your application has been approved, you will be able to schedule a date, time, and location that are convenient for you. The CNS-CP exam is offered Monday through Saturday except major holidays. You may schedule your testing date any time during the three months after the month your application is approved. For instance, if you are approved in January, then you may test any time during February, March or April.

  If you apply in... You can test in...
 January February, March or April
 February March, April or May
 March April, May or June
 April May, June or July
 May June, July or August
 June July, August or September
 July August, September or October
 August September, October or November
 September October, November or December
 October November, December or January
 November December, January or February
 December January, February or March