PVCT Survey Tool

How do perioperative nurses, including APRN’s, really feel about certification? Measuring the importance of various traits associated with professionalism can be difficult. Now one aspect, the value of certification, can be assessed via a survey.  CCI, in conjunction with the American Board of Nursing Specialties (ABNS), has developed the Perceived Value of Certification © Tool. This Likert scale-based survey asks 18 questions related to individuals’ opinions on the value of certification. The questions are further divided into extrinsic and intrinsic value subsets. The tool has demonstrated a high level of validity and reliability, making it a valuable instrument for both academic and clinically based research projects. 

The following articles describe the development and use of the tool in detail:

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If you are interested in learning more about the tool, or would like to obtain permission to use it, please contact James Stobinski, CEO, at jstobinski@cc-institute.org