Why Maintain Your CNOR Certification?

Earning the CNOR credential is a significant achievement in a nurse’s career.  It is an indicator of a higher standard of practice within the nursing profession and a source of professional and personal pride. You’ve worked hard to earn the CNOR. Don’t let it lapse, plan to recertify today. 

Research indicates that benefits of the CNOR credential include:

  • Enhances feelings of personal accomplishment and satisfaction among nurses
  • Validates knowledge
  • Indicates attainment of a practice standards
  • Provides evidence of personal commitment and achievement
  • Enhances professional credibility
  • Demonstrates commitment to the highest level of patient care and institutional safety

Moreover, recertification is your pathway to further your knowledge, to continue to validate your clinical practice, and to help advance the perioperative field. 

Objectives of CNOR Recertification

  • Recognize the individual registered nurse who is proficient in practice.
  • Strengthen use of theory in assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating nursing care.
  • Enhance professional growth through continued learning, which broadens knowledge and improves skills and practice.

Purposes of CNOR Recertification

  •  Demonstrate a continued concern for accountability to the general public for nursing practice
  • Continue to advance quality patient care.
  • Enable management to identify nurses who demonstrate professional achievement in providing excellent surgical nursing care.
  • Bring the individual nurse personal satisfaction.

Failure to Recertify

Your CNOR status will lapse on December 31st of the year you are due to recertify if the following happens:  

  • Recertify by Contact Hours – fail to submit 125 acceptable contact hours
  • Recertify by Points - fail to submit 300 acceptable points
  • Recertify by Exam - fail to pass the exam by December 31st