How to Recertify by Exam

To recertify by exam, CNORs must register to take the exam between January 1 and November 30th. Please note, the last day to register for the exam is November 30th.  You must take and pass the exam by December 31.  If you do not pass the exam by December 31 your CNOR credential will lapse.  

To complete the online recertification application, you will need the following information.  The process takes approximately 10 - 15 minutes with this information.  

  • Personal contact information – name, address, email and phone number (home and work)
  • Last four digits of your social security number
  • Birth year
  • Degree(s) earned since last (re)certification
  • Employer contact information – facility name, phone number
  • RN information - state licensed to practice
  • Perioperative work information – Total number of hours worked as a perioperative nurse over the last five years, perioperative employment information for last two years, current position, current practice area 
  • Supervisor contact information (name, email, phone number)
  • Payment information (check or credit card)

Steps to Recertify by Exam

CNORs who select to recertify by taking and passing the CNOR exam should follow the same steps as first-time test takers to ensure that they are familiar with the exam content, meet all the eligibility requirements, and understand the policies and procedures related to the exam.

Steps to Recertify by Exam

  1. Logon to your account
  2. Update your profile
  3. Select Recertification
  4. Recertify by Exam  
  5. Follow the application steps

Continue your CNOR journey by applying for recertification by exam now.