Steps to CNOR Recertification By Contact Hours

We have prepared a step-by-step guide to walk you through the CNOR recertification process. 

  1. Determine the appropriate time period to earn contact hours
  2. Review Approved Providers  
  3. Review Approved Topics
  4. Learn about Home Study Providers  
  5.  Learn about using Academic Credits and CME
  6. Determine facility sponsored contact hour oppportunities
  7. Maintain contact hours on CCI database  
  8. Apply online by July 1st deadline to earn discount 

Unacceptable Contact Hours for CNOR Recertification

  • Any program approvers or providers not listed under Acceptable Providers.
  • Handwritten accreditation statements or provider numbers.
  • Certificates of attendance without an appropriate accreditation statement and/or acceptable provider number.
  • Contact hours earned prior to January 1 of the year you certified or recertified.
  • Provider numbers that do not indicate the accrediting provider.