Domain 4: Communication

Primary General Readings:

AORN S&RP: Recommended practices: Transfer of patient care information; Position statement: Creating a practice environment of safety

Alexander’s Care of the Patient in Surgery: Chapter 2

Berry and Kohn’s Operating Room Technique: Chapters 6, 7, 21

Module Topics/Key Words Module-specific readings
1. Verbal and nonverbal communication Communication, culture of safety, hand-off, never event, read back, SBAR, standardized communication plan, Universal Protocol, WHO checklist Alexander’s: Chapter 1
2. Written communication Communication, documentation, HIPAA, National Patient Safety Goals, PNDS, regulatory agency, standardized communication tool, surgical safety checklist, The Joint Commission, WHO checklist S&RP: Recommended practices:
Perioperative health care information management
B&K: Chapters 2, 3


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