Why Get CNOR Certified

The ultimate goal of certification is to create a culture of patient safety and extraordinary care.  Certification benefits the entire healthcare community from the patient to the nurse to the employer and hospital administrator. 

According to the American Board of Nursing Specialties, all registered nurses should seek certification in their specialty area of practice.  With the CNOR certification examination, perioperative nurses demonstrate their mastery of a rigorous body of knowledge in surgical nursing and their ability to apply this knowledge to their clinical practice.  Licensure is based on minimum competency while certification denotes proficiency. 

CCI Perceived Value of Certification (PVCT) Tool

CCI developed the Perceived Value of Certification Tool (PVCT©) to identify and validate the benefits of CNOR certification. The results of this comprehensive study indicate that CNOR certifcation:

  • Enhances feelings of personal accomplishment and satisfaction among nurses
  • Validates specialized perioperative nursing knowledge
  • Indicates attainment of current practice standards
  • Provides evidence of personal commitment and achievement
  • Enhances professional credibility
  • Demonstrates commitment to the highest level of patient care and institutional safety

Read more about CCI’s PVCT© research study and results.

Objectives of CNOR Certification

  • Recognize the individual registered nurse who is proficient in practice
  • Strengthen conscious use of theory in assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating patient care
  • Enhance professional growth through continued learning that results in broader knowledge and expanded skills

Purposes of CNOR Certification

  • Demonstrate concern for accountability to the general public for nursing practice
  • Enhance quality patient care
  • Identify registered nurses who have demonstrated professional achievement in providing surgical nursing care
  • Provide employing agencies with a means of identifying an operating room nurse's professional achievement
  • Improve nurse’s personal job satisfaction