Is the CNS-CP exam only for Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNSs)?

Yes. Each APN role (CNS, NP, CNM, CRNA) must have its own exam.

Will currently practicing CNSs be “grandfathered” into the new specialty certification?

No. While individual states may grandfather nurses currently working in the role, making them exempt from new requirements, CCI cannot grandfather currently practicing CNSs into the new specialty certification credential. Eligibility criteria would need to be met prior to sitting for the certification exam.

Will this exam take the place of initial licensure or certification as a CNS?

No, you will still need to have completed a master’s or doctoral program from an accredited school and be licensed as an APN. Specialty certification is in addition to, not instead of, initial certification.

Will a DNP be required for advanced practice certification in 2015?

The Consensus Model does not require or preclude the DNP as an entry-level degree for APRNs.

Will holding the CNS perioperative specialty certification meet my state’s APRN licensure requirements?

Because licensure requirements for Advanced Practice Nursing (APN) vary significantly from state to state, CCI cannot guarantee that CNS Perioperative Specialty certification will meet your state's licensure requirements. Your state board of nursing can answer your licensing questions and help determine how this certification can benefit your advanced practice specialty role. You may also wish to check with your employer regarding internal practice guidelines. To contact your state board of nursing, click here.

What will this additional certification do for me?

Specialty certification helps bridge the gap between initial certification as an APRN and actual practice. This credential:

  • Validates perioperative competency at an advanced practice level.
  • Positions the Clinical Nurse Specialist for future developments in advanced practice.
  • Meets Consensus Model guidelines.
  • Provides alignment with the IOM recommendation that nurses should practice to the full extent of their education and training.